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Save over 80% of all of your long distance calls by purchasing a prepaid phone card. Prepaid Phone Cards use top tier carriers to facilitate all calls worldwide. Use our search engine to find calling cards & cheap prepaid phone cards to all countries.

  • Convenience and speed of online purchase and pinless dialing
  • Great for domestic or international calls-worldwide!
  • Easily recharge or manage your cards online
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  • Flat rate for the entire selected country
  • Call from over 50 major countries
  • 24/7 Account Management
Pinless Dialing
Pinless Dialing
USA USA 0.9 ¢/min Australia Australia 1 ¢/min Bahamas Bahamas 3.3 ¢/min Canada Canada 0.4 ¢/min Costa Rica Costa Rica 1.2 ¢/min France France 0.5 ¢/min Hong Kong Hong Kong 1 ¢/min Israel Israel 0.5 ¢/min Jamaica Jamaica 6 ¢/min Kenya Kenya 9.19 ¢/min Mexico Mexico 0.3 ¢/min Pakistan Pakistan 1.6 ¢/min Poland Poland 0.8 ¢/min South Africa S. Africa 1.4 ¢/min Trinidad Trinidad 4.4 ¢/min Venezuela Venezuela 1.9 ¢/min
Israel Argentina 1.1 ¢/min Austria Austria 9.6 ¢/min Brazil Brazil 1 ¢/min China China 0.7 ¢/min Egypt Egypt 6.9 ¢/min Germany Germany 0.7 ¢/min India India 0.9 ¢/min Italy Italy 0.6 ¢/min Japan Japan 1 ¢/min Libya Libya 16.7 ¢/min NigeriaNigeria 3.9 ¢/min Philippines Philippines 8.3 ¢/min Russia Russia 1.7 ¢/min Spain Spain 0.7 ¢/min UK UK 0.4 ¢/min Vietnam Vietnam 4.4 ¢/min
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